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The following will cantain all of the tools that i have used whether it was used to secure my system to getting into other systems i hope that this will help all of you who are just getting started.

HLIBRARY This link brings you to a page that is connected to a forum but this also gives you firewalls, flooders, proxys, virus builders and many other things. check it out.
Kazaa Lite
This is Kazaa Lite. This is for all the people that download anything.

BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite
BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite. This is a keylogger that is the most secure one that i have used.

IE5 Address Bar Editor
This program is called Internet Explorer 5 Address Bar Editor. This program allows you to alter the links that appear in the drop down menu on the address bar in IE version 5 or higher. You can also remove them by deleting each entry, using the Delete keyboard key. Click IE5 Bar Editor if you want it.

Teleport Pro
Teleport Pro is a windows based program that allows the user to mirror an entire web site for offline viewing of the source code or anything else that you may want to look at offline. This is a trail version.

Samspade is a program that allows the user to preform whois searches. the whois seaches can be used in the process of foot printing a target for an attack. this works great.  Here  is the web based program.
PWL Cracking
CAIN is a program that will crack any windows password file whether it is a screen-saver or a login password. It only works for 9* machines.

PWL Cracking Continued
This CAIN program is for windows NT/2000/XP machines.  cain25 this does the same as CAIN.

VNC is a program that allows the user to connect with the VNC server with the VNC viewer and take over the computer that has the server on it. It is free and stealthy.

Zonealarm is a firewall that when set up properly you can see the IP of any computer trying to connect to you through the internet.
WinZip is a program that will take mulitiple files and compress it into one smaller file. Works great.

This is the virus source code database. all of the source codes withing this database are coded in ASM so you will need an ASM compiler in order to make them into .exe's

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